Monday, 10 September 2012

Introduction .. shall we?

Let me start this blog with an intro of myself... haha
I am from the Capital City of Malaysia..
The thing that set me apart from others is i am a triplet, but one of my siblings had pass away in an unknown accident that is told by my parents to me.. all is left is me and my brother which others always confuse us as a twin..
Living my life in a Typical chinese family and because I life in Malaysia.. I am able to understand and speak various kinds of languages for example.. Chinese, Malay, English, Hokkien and Etc.
I love music and knows how to play instrument such as piano and electone... 
Besides that I also love photography... I really enjoy taking stills as a memory...
I guess thats all u need to know briefly about me hahah.. i will slowly review bits by bits of me in this blog.. and because of that i named my blog.. +p's movie... a movie should be exciting and pack with the thrills and chills and action in it.. and i shall be the antagonist for this movie.. hahahaha